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Prototyping & Product Testers

From the very first day the idea for SheFly was spoken aloud, we’ve received the same question:

“When can I get my hands on a pair of these?! I have this [insert awesome adventure here—graduation trip out West, ski weekend, hike with friends, expedition to Patagonia and Antarctica, etc.—you name it] coming up, and I simply cannot wait!”

So, from ideation through R&D, we’ve supplied dozens of SheFly prototypes to impatient enthusiastic fans worldwide. Below are the places where women have gone—quite literally—in the wild with SheFly.

Have you recently tested a pair out for us? Drop us a line with the place or use #PeeEmpowered or #AnswerNaturesCall on Instagram) & we’ll be sure to add you to our map!

Pee-Proof Testimonials