How do you use SheFlys?


What kinds of pants are you offering?

SheFly will be offering hiking pants for purchase through our crowdfunding campaign on iFundWomen starting March 14th. We are also in the process of testing prototypes for long underwear (leggings).

Do you wear underwear with SheFlys?

SheFly is developing a double flap, boxer-style underwear that can be easily paired with our pants. 

You can also go comando under your SheFlys, or pull your underwear to the side after unzipping—whatever makes you comfiest! 


What kind of fabric are the pants made of?

SheFly strives to use ethically sourced and environmentally sustainable materials. Check out more info on our manufacturer here.


Is the zipper in your pants uncomfortable?

Nope! The zipper isn't present in layers that come directly in contact with your skin- that's where the SheFly base layer flaps come in. We want women to feel comfortable in whatever they do, so we have an innovative design that keeps the zipper away from your body, so you can keep doing you. 


How can I get myself or a friend a pair of SheFlys?

Check out our crowdfunding campaign on iFundWomen.

SheFly looks forward to having your help dismantling the pant patriarchy, one pee at a time!

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