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Photo from Copper Creek Hut in Washington State by  Nicole Wasko.

Photo from Copper Creek Hut in Washington State by Nicole Wasko.

Who you are: You are an outdoor enthusiast who sometimes needs to pee and you’re tired of baring your bum and exposing your skin to the elements in order to #AnswerNaturesCall. You believe the problem is not women’s anatomy, the problem is our clothing. You are passionate about dismantling the pant patriarchy and psyched to help change the world one pee at a time. You also might identify as either Femme, Trans, or Woman (FTW/GQ).


Here’s what you can enjoy by being a SheFly Ambassador:

  • First dibs on pre-ordering pants at the lowest prices

  • A free promotional kit including stickers and posters

  • Inclusion in our private Facebook group

  • Invitations to our private photo shoots and private events

  • Opportunity to be featured in our blog

  • Opportunity to be featured on our Instagram and Facebook

  • Opportunity to be included in national advertisements

  • Opportunity to be featured on our website

  • Access to events/workshops/collaborations

What we expect of our Ambassadors:

  • Actively participate in our community, whether that be in the Facebook group, with one another in person, or with us at our events.

  • Spread the SheFly movement by being the face and voice for SheFly in your community. Talk us up at the crag or the trailhead. Show off your sweet zipper. Hand out our stickers. We need to spread the word if we’re going to take down the pant patriarchy!  

  • Help us when we ask for it, whether that be to give us feedback on our pants or share a post on social media. We need you. <3

  • Share your content with us. Tag us on social media with @sheflyapparel and the hashtags #SheFly #AnswerNaturesCall #PeeTheChange. Share your photos with us. We want to see and feature you.


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